Not just a bag

Consuming gradually becomes a very ordinary thing in our daily life. There is no single answer to say it’s right or wrong; it’s good or bad but it did bring out many issues happening around the world. For instance, over exploitation of natural resources, excessive waste, economic inequality…etc.
Currently, the inhabitants of the developed nations of the world consume resources at a rate almost 32 times greater than those of the developing world. Many people have the problem of over consuming. In the consuming behaviour, people who considered to be addicted to shopping we call them ‘Shopaholic’. But the boundaries are difficult to define. During the research, the understanding of Shopaholic’s behaviour, phycological cause and companies’ strategy stimulating costuming, I think the focus and change should bring back to ourself as a consumer. In order to change the consuming behaviour, I want to raise the awareness of those issues, which caused by consuming.

Therefore, I design an organic growing tote bag with a hidden message for everyone’s everyday use. The toe bag’s form will change through weight adding in to it and the sentence of big world’s issue will come out from the bag. The irregular form changing to attract people’s attention. Hoping the action could naturally stimulate public’s reflection on their own’s consuming behaviour. This can be seen as a public performance on people, who carry this bag on the street. Transforming the desire of consuming product to an action of re-estimate the value of it.