Hide in somewhere
Inspired by the artwork from Rijksmuseum Platstaartslangen by Simon Fokke, 1764-1784.
Handmade wooden cigar mold

‘Hide in Somewhere’ is a continues developing project Yen-An Chen worked for years, his call is finding hidden beauty in the natural world: a knot on a 1830s wooden cigar mold is to him an eye, and the wrinkles could provide snakes a place to hide. Yen-An will continue with Fokke’s spirit but using the pyrography technique to apply his snakes illustrations on the antique cigar mold.

Growing up in Taiwan, Yen-An has a strong interest in traditional craftsmanship and materials. The artworks from him show how he controls the detail painting and the interest of living creature. His preoccupations are transmitting poetic value to people, inspiring others to look into details in life in a poetic way.

In Eindhoven, several cigar factories were active during the first half of the 20th century. During world war II English and American soldiers brought cigarettes to the Netherlands, and cigars became unpopular. Cigar factories had to close and many workers were forced to find another job in Eindhoven.