Tame is to Tame
Project by Pei-Ying Lin

Tame is to Tame is a conceptual ‘dance’ between humans and viruses and explores an alternative human-virus relationship in depth. The virus-taming program is built upon virology research and shows people an alternative way to look at the ‘invisible and inanimate’ viruses – which we consider as enemies – and illustrates how these ‘agents’ can redefine the cultural definition of human and individualism.

Project by Pei-Ying Lin

In Collaboration with
Miranda de Graaf
Viroscience Lab, Erasmus MC

Film Director: Yen-An Chen
Choreographer & Dancer: Hsin Yu Chang
Sound: Po-Hao Chi
3D Modeling: MinShu Huang
Associate Designer: Rachel Jui Chi Chang

Special Thanks to
Ling-Li Chen, Paul Huber, Szu-Han Chen, Chris Cooper, William Myers, Jasper van Es, Paul Gong, Chun-Chi Lin, Kaung-Yi Ku, Spela Petric, Mike Thompson, Susana Camara Leret, MU Artspace, NWO, ZonMW, Waag Society, De Ontdekfabriek, 光點工坊, 立祥彫刻工藝社

As part of the
Bio Art and Design Award